McHenry County Maps & Countywide Land Use Maps

County Wide Land Use

McHenry County Maps
McHenry County Illinois (PDF 1.1M) Business/Industrial Parks (PDF 1.1M)
McHenry County Interactive Maps - link
(ex. crime map, zoning, transporation projects, political boundaries)
Public Property Search - link
(soil, wetland, flood zone, topography,
parcel text, subdivision, farm assessment)
by parcel, subdivision, & property address.
McHenry County Sheriff's Crime Map - link McHenry County Department of Transportation Construction Projects Map - link
Planning & Development Maps (Zoning & Land Use) - link Political Boundaries Map- link
Annexations 1990-2010 (PDF 1M) Municipal Boundary Agreements (PDF 1.1M)
FEMA USGS Flood Grid (PDF 1.1M) Schools -link
Open Lands/Conservation (PDF 1M) Golf Courses (PDF - 0.9M)

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