McHenry County Press Release: McHenry County Creates Videos to Showcase Local Manufacturing Careers

From McHenry County Workforce Network

The McHenry County Workforce Network is proud to share videos showcasing McHenry County manufacturers that we and Skill Scout have worked with over the past year on different recruiting activities. Of special note is Brianna in the Fabrik Molded Plastics video. Brianna was a MCWN Youth Participant in the Manufacturing Careers Internship Program. Brianna interned with Fabrik and was retained as a regular employee, where she is excelling in a career in manufacturing.

Our many thanks to Skill Scout, and our area employers for making a difference here in McHenry County.

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McHenry County and the Chicago Metro Region have been awarded the Manufacturing Community Designation

McHenry County is part of a regional effort to secure one of 12 nationwide “Manufacturing Community” designations awarded by the U.S. Commerce Department through the Investing in Manufacturing Communities Partnership (IMCP) —an initiative intended to support job creation and accelerate growth in the manufacturing sector. Through IMCP, 11 federal agencies and programs with over $1.3 billion in federal economic development assistance will coordinate efforts to support the strategies developed by each of the 12 designated communities.

More than 70 applications were submitted for the designation and each was evaluated based on strengths, opportunities and possible long-term impacts on job creation. McHenry County Economic Development Corporation is proud to have participated in the Chicago Metro Region’s application process along with other local leaders in the area, and we look forward to continued collaboration and meaningful economic development dialogue with these partners.   READ MORE


McHenry County’s Manufacturing Base is a Vital Component of our Economy

Our Manufacturing sector is responsible for 23% of our GRP or $2.2 Billion and employs 13% of our workforce or 16, 269. It is the largest of our 20 economic sectors in McHenry County.

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manufacturing manufacturing

In recognition of the significant impact manufacturing has on primary jobs, McHenry County EDC continues to provide focus and initiatives to support the manufacturing community.


Some 2010 data indicates the following:

  • 11% of Illinois' electrical equipment manufacturing and  50% of the state's surgical equipment manufacturing is in McHenry County. 
  • More than 1600 jobs are currently provided by printing companies locally among 51 different businesses which is 4.5 times the national average for a market of similar size.
  • There are more than 2500 jobs among 55 employers in plastic products manufacturing with a concentration more than 7 times the average for a similarly sized market nationally. 


Through the efforts of McHenry County EDC and in partnership with McHenry County College and Illinois Congressman Don Manzullo, a virtual Business Accelerator for Innovation and Collaboration (BAIC) was established to focus on the needs of over 600 manufacturers in McHenry County and provide business & technical assistance free of charge. This program, in effect from 2006 to 2009, was very successful touching almost all of the 600 manufacturers in the county and providing a wide variety of assistance and financial support



McHenry County Manufacturing Subcluster 2000 – 2009

600 manufacturers and 19,000 manufacturing jobs


EDC has many strategic partners which can provide assistance to the manufacturing community including:

Financial assistance is available through the McHenry County Loan Fund. For information regarding the program, please contact our office or visit the following link.


Illinois Web site

Please visit the Illinois Directory to view the local manufacturer's directory as well as the McHenry County Manufacturing Network's Linked-In Group.

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