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Issue: Chairman's Introduction

Greetings from the Chairman

Greetings McHenry County Residents:

It is a great honor to serve as your first directly elected County Board Chairman. I congratulate all of the McHenry County newly elected constitutional officers and County Board members. I am excited to work with the County Board to accomplish our shared goals of good governance, a vibrant economy, and lower property taxes. Together, this Board will make McHenry County the most efficient, transparent, and effective County in the Nation. 


We are fortunate to enjoy a tremendous standard of living in McHenry County. Residents have access to quality health care, highly ranked schools, productive farmland, and proximity to urban areas to allow our businesses to grow. We have the assets, capacity and the people to further prosper. 


However, high property taxes are becoming increasingly burdensome for our residents. On a per capita basis, McHenry County residents pay higher property taxes than 99.9% of Americans. In fact, many residents pay higher property taxes than their mortgage. The cost of living in McHenry County is becoming unaffordable.


To lower the property tax burden, the first step is for McHenry County to retain and recruit businesses that provide good-paying, stable jobs. Investment in roads is vital to support job growth and economic development. I will provide the leadership to bring back McHenry County's infrastructure dollars and effectively leverage resources to diversify our tax base.


The second step is to reduce operational inefficiencies that increase the cost of government. The County will incorporate zero-based budgeting, which will require the justification of every line-item in the budget. All items of the budget will be scrutinized and costly redundancies will be eliminated. My goal is to cut our tax levy by at least 10%.


The County Board will create a new multi-year strategic plan to identify action steps to achieve our shared goals. This plan will include input and suggestions from County staff, Board members and residents to address the issues that matter to you and all McHenry County residents.


I am confident that the new County Board will work collaboratively to solve challenges facing our County. I believe a solutions-oriented and outcomes-focused County Board will have a meaningful impact on peoples lives. Under my leadership, the County will provide efficient and outstanding services while reducing the tax burden. 




Jack Franks

McHenry County 

Highlights from Swearing-in Ceremony for County Board Members and Chairman

Chairman Jack Franks sworn in by his father Herb

Vice Chairman Jeff Thorsen sworn in by Chief Judge Sullivan

Elected County Board members sworn in by Chief Judge Sullivan

For additional comments or questions, please contact:

Peter Austin

County Administrator
McHenry County Government Center 
2200 North Seminary Ave. 
Woodstock IL 60098 (815) 334-4000


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