Local Company Stays in McHenry County

Fabrik Industries, a 35 year old company of McHenry County, has decided to expand its operations in the City of McHenry with the purchase of a second facility at Miller Parkway. In 2015, Fabrik’s leadership identified the need to expand operations based on continued increase in their manufacturing business. The company analyzed expansion in the State of Illinois, specifically the City of McHenry and outside of Illinois. As the company began researching expansion opportunities, the collaboration between the State of Illinois, the City of McHenry, the County of McHenry and the McHenry County Economic Development Corporation and other partners proved to make the difference in their decision process.

Keith Wagner, President of Fabrik Industries stated “We are excited about the opportunities in manufacturing locally and the community’s involvement in our growth has been humbling. In 2016, Fabrik will expand into an additional facility hiring many new employees to meet the increased manufacturing demand.”

President of McHenry County Economic Development Corporation, Pam Cumpata, commented “one of the pillars of economic development is retention because 80% of net new job growth comes from existing businesses. The expansion of Fabrik Industries is a prime example of why MCEDC works closely with our primary businesses and our county and municipal partners. Mayor Low and the City of McHenry staff, specifically Doug Martin, Director of Economic Development worked hand in hand with Fabrik and the MCEDC to make this expansion possible recognizing the significant economic impact it will have on the City of McHenry and the County. As a 3rd generation company full service custom injection molding manufacturer of thermoplastics, it is recognized globally with its component used for automotive lighting and switches along with Medical, consumer, and electronic goods.

At a recent meeting, Mayor Low expressed her appreciation to Fabrik Industries on selecting the City of McHenry for its expansion. “We know there was some tough competition and we appreciate the value Fabrik has placed on our community. Businesses like this are the building blocks of our economy and we welcome Fabrik’s expansion.”

For more information, contact Pam Cumpata, President, McHenry County Economic Development Corporation.

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