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wagnerFabrik Industries, a 35 year old McHenry County company, has completed its expansion in the City of McHenry with the purchase of a second facility at Miller Parkway and is now operational.   On January 19, it hosted a celebration and tour of the new facility for representatives from the State of Illinois, City of McHenry, McHenry County Board, McHenry County Economic Development Corporation, McHenry School District 156, McHenry Fire Department, McHenry County College and those businesses who helped in the facilities transformation. 

Keith Wagner, President of Fabrik Industries stated “We are excited about the opportunities in manufacturing locally.  The community’s involvement in our growth has been humbling.  The company took 2016 to breathe new life into a vacant building updating and installing new lighting and paint, investing in new molding machines and training of new employees to meet the increased manufacturing demand.”

In 2015, Fabrik’s leadership identified the need to expand operations based on continued increase in their manufacturing business.   The company analyzed expansion opportunities both outside of Illinois and in Illinois specifically the City of McHenry.  As the company began researching expansion opportunities, the collaboration between the State of Illinois, the City of McHenry, the County of McHenry and the McHenry County Economic Development Corporation and other partners proved to make the difference in their decision process. 

President of McHenry County Economic Development Corporation, Pam Cumpata, commented “one of the pillars of economic development is retention because 80% of net new job growth comes from existing businesses.  The expansion of Fabrik Industries is an excellent example of why MCEDC works closely with our primary businesses, our county and municipal partners with the shared goal of retaining our business base.”  Pam stated “Mayor Low and the City of McHenry staff, specifically Doug Martin, Director of Economic Development, worked hand in hand with Fabrik and the MCEDC to make this expansion possible recognizing the significant economic impact it will have on the City of McHenry and the County. ”

“The amazing work the people at Fabrik Molded Plastics are doing every day is a perfect example of what we can achieve here in McHenry County, and we should be doing everything we can to help them grow,” McHenry County Board Chairman Jack D. Franks said. “Reducing the property tax burden employers’ bear and creating conditions that will make more job creators to want to set up shop here must be our primary focus as a board.”

A 3rd generation company full service custom injection molding manufacturer of thermoplastics, Fabrik is recognized globally with its components used in automotive lighting and switches as well as in medical, consumer, and electronic goods.   Recognizing the rapid pace that innovation and automation is occurring in manufacturing, Fabrik developed an internship program for high school and college students to ensure a workforce for the future.  They also participate in the Youth Manufacturing Program through the McHenry County Workforce Network. The goal of which is to expose individuals between the age of 18 to 24 to manufacturing through 6 week internships that could result in full employment.  One of the exceptional aspects of their program was that they rotate these individuals through their entire company so that when the student is offered a job, he or she understood expectations for full time employment.  In addition, this company has worked closely with McHenry County High Schools in the development of their industrial arts programs even providing assistance in development of curriculum.  

In a statement for the City of McHenry Mayor Sue Low, “The city of McHenry is honored that Fabrik chose to remain our corporate partner and expand their company in McHenry.  Fabrik not only provides employment opportunities for our residents, but also educational opportunities for students interested in manufacturing. They are a valuable community asset.”  

Among the many business leaders in attendance, McHenry County Board Member, District 4, and President of the McHenry Chamber of Commerce, Kay R. Bates said “Fabrik Molded Plastics is a recognized leader around the world in molded plastics, a field that demands constant innovation and highly skilled employees. We really appreciate Keith Wagner and the Fabrik team welcoming us to learn about the challenges they face and how we can help them continue to thrive in the highly competitive global business environment.”

At the celebration, Pam Cumpata stated “The success of Fabrik Industries brought about through their own dedicated leadership, employee hard work, and the successful and unpresented collaboration of many partners is a true example that ‘economic development’ is a team sport.”   

For more information, contact Pam Cumpata, President, McHenry County Economic Development Corporation

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