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Congratulation to our 2011 Business Champion Dordan on their new class 8 cleanroom thermoforming capabilities!

Dordan to Debut Class 8 Cleanroom Thermoforming Capabilities at PACK EXPO

Chicago, IL, Oct. 14-17—Dordan Manufacturing, a custom thermoformer of plastic packaging and product solutions like dunnage/WIP trays, functional components, and insert trays, clamshells, and blisters, to debut class 8 cleanroom thermoforming capabilities at PACK EXPO International.

The 57-year old custom thermoformer has built a reputation of design and manufacturing excellence, providing thermoformed packaging solutions to the retail, healthcare, automotive, and industrial end-markets. Family-owned and operated, Dordan has 11 in-line thermoforming machines that convert 75-million pounds of material annually. Providing all thermoform design, tooling, production, and ISO 9001:2015 certified quality-management services under one-roof, Dordan has complete control over the thermoforming process; this full-service integration facilitates ease of entry into a market that requires adherence to strict quality and transparency processes and standards.

Dordan’s entrance into the medical device packaging market is a natural progression for a company that prides itself on producing high-quality thermoformed products and packaging solutions. Dordan President & CEO Daniel Slavin explains,

“With the increasing commodification of retail packaging married with the rise in ecommerce, the function of packaging is rapidly changing. Thermoformed packaging—while always an effective vehicle for selling product at retail—also offers medical device manufacturers a sterile, functional, and cost-effective medium for protecting and distributing products. As a custom and nimble thermoformer with an established and effective quality-management system, Dordan has the opportunity to move into this market through strategic investment in technologies, equipment, and talent.”

Visit Dordan Manufacturing, Inc. at PACK EXPO International, booth E-7514, for more information about its class 8 medical device packaging solutions, coming spring 2019.

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