Centegra Health System

Centegra Health Systems has been a member of the McHenry County Economic Development Corporation (EDC) from early on …Any business is built on relationships. In the health care industry, as I’m sure it is in any industry, one tends to stay in one’s own little world. The EDC links us with all sorts of industries. By informing us of what business contacts like and things they would like to see improved, the EDC helps us build relationships with other businesses. They have really grown and I think it’s a great program.

…They have a real keen interest in workforce development….the EDC has a focus to improve the transportation issues in the county. They are involved in traffic studies and helping to bring grant monies from the federal government to improve the transportation situation in the County. That helps us for a variety of reasons including improved roadways for ambulances as they are transporting patients.

Michael Easley
CEO and President


Phoenix Woodworking, Inc.

The EDC has helped me over the years by being a great resource for me. When I have questions about legislative issues or tax laws I can turn to the EDC. They are a place for local questions and they know where I can go for answers. I also like the fact that they are a collective voice. I can work with them regarding workforce and training issues. This is helpful because there are not many people in the woodworking field. The EDC is working for baseline skills in cooperation with MCC and local high schools, putting businesses together with education. Education is what business needs. It creates opportunities.

Sandra Pierce



The EDC has taken a leadership role in transportation, education and workforce development issues as well. They help businesses receive loans and grants to expand and locate in McHenry County. Any success the EDC has is also a success for ComEd. If anyone has any questions regarding economic development, they are welcome to call me.

Don Westfall
External Affairs Manager


Corporate Disk

We had several good locations to relocate to in 2004 and without the EDC we would not be here in McHenry. They connected us to the County where we secured a loan for new manufacturing equipment. The terrific workforce in this county was very eager to work in our technology company and helped us grow from 75 to 100 over the past 6 years.

Joe Foley
Vice President, Sales

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