What We Do

MCEDC provides economic development services for McHenry County, Illinois.


We partner regionally to represent McHenry County on Federal, Regional, and Countywide projects including:

Federal – Manufacturing Designation – Chicago Metro Metal Consortium

Federal – Metro Chicago Exports

Regional – Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS)

Countywide – Fiber Network Expansion



  • Customized assistance to existing businesses
  • Expansion and relocation site search assistance
  • Municipalities and our partners with resource and research assistance
  • Direct connections to partners, allies, elected officials and government entities
  • Regional leadership to drive economic growth


Why –

Increased Tax Base...the additional revenue provided by economic development supports, maintains, and improves local infrastructure, such as roads, parks, libraries, and emergency medical services

Economic Diversification...a diversified economic base helps expand the local economy and reduces a community's vulnerability to a single business sector.

Business Retention...Business Visitation programs done by economic development entities help businesses feel appreciated by the community and, in turn, are more likely to stay in town, contributing to the economy – 80% of growth comes from existing businesses.

Job Development...economic development practices support the growth of jobs, better wages, benefits, and opportunities for advancement.

Self-sufficiency...a stronger economic base means public services are less dependent on intergovernmental influences and alliances.

Quality of Life...more local tax dollars and jobs raise the economic tide for the entire community, including the overall standard of living of the residents

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